Destiny 2 Strike-Specific Loot Might Be Coming Back, According To Director

Destiny 2 Has turned out to be a mindless grind for some hardcore players out there. The lack of post-game content, useful loot and grind meaning makes fans wish that they were still in Destiny instead of spending hours on its sequel. Now, Bungie is revealing that Destiny 2 Strike-Specific Loot might be coming back, bringing some meaning to the hours you spend on the game.

Destiny 2’s director Christopher Barrett has been talking to fans on Twitter lately, giving some hints to them as to what the future of Destiny 2 will be like. In one of those interactions where Barrett was asked if a Destiny 2 Strike-Specific Loot system would be implemented in the game, he gave a positive answer, stating that they look into bringing more thematic loot to Destiny 2. His full answer was the following:

More thematic loot that drops from named bosses and unique activities is definitely something we are planning to add.

Playing Destiny 2 right now as a hardcore player is a mindless task. People are complaining about the random drops and re-skins that has no impact on the game’s progression. Bungie has taken seriously the negative feedback and is now working on bringing more meaningful content to Destiny 2. Their roadmap for 2018 pretty much sums up all the little details we wanted to keep us active in-game.

In Destiny 2’s roadmap, you can find improvements in many aspects of the game including the Raid Reward System and the Crucible. Even if those changes are to be included in a new expansion, the only thing that matters is that fans won in the end.

In related news, Bungie is pulling focus away from Eververse and allowing players to obtain Bright Engrams as well as all rewards by just completing activities. This includes event-exclusive loot that was an issue with the recent The Dawning event where the major attractions were locked behind a pay-wall because of the current RNG system.