Civilization 6 Rise And Fall Features Detailed In New Video

A new video released by Firaxis Interactive has announced the various Civilization 6 Rise and Fall features that will be added to the game’s first major expansion when it releases February 8. The expansion brings in a large number of new civilizations, along with new game mechanics that will change your experience.

The main draw of the expansion is the addition of Great Ages, which can lead your civilization into a Golden Age, or make it collapse into a Dark Age. Golden Ages will increase the happiness of your citizens, your economy, and your relations with foreign cities. Dark Ages, however, will cause your citizens to be more rebellious, and you may lose cities to revolts or independence declarations.

As you enter each new era, you can choose something to focus on such as expanding your military or religious devotion, and getting a high score at the end of each era can put you into a Golden Age.

Dark Ages also come with various cards and policies that you can use in order to help weaken some of the negative factors that your civilization suffers, and are easier to get into Golden Ages from. When you get into a Golden Age from a Dark Age, you’ll enter a Heroic Age, which will allow you to make additional declarations and will increase your buffs as well.

Another one of the new Civilization 6 Rise and Fall features are Governors, who you can put in charge of cities to allow them to use special abilities. However, you won’t be unlocking every Governor in a single game, as each one is tailored to certain research options.

We also have the Emergencies mechanic, where civilizations that aren’t allied with another can band together to complete a timed objective after a civilization uses a nuclear attack or conquers a city-state.

Either way, to see all of the new Civilization 6 Rise and Fall features,