PS4 Deals of the Day – Grab Battlefront 2 1TB Bundle, Hori Arcade Pro 4 Kai, and More

2018 is looking like a good year for Playstation. With titles like SpiderMan, God of War, and more expected to launch this year, now is a pretty good time to get your hands on Sony’s home console. In our PS4 Deals of the Day article, we have listed massively discounted prices on the PS4 console, PS4 Wireless Headset, Arcade Sticks, and more.

PSVR Aim Controller and FarPoint
Farpoint is a Playstation 4 game which is set on an unknown planet. As the game is a first-person shooter, it can be played with a PSVR Aim Controller. The game includes online co-op and a Campaign Mode. PSVR Aim Controller can be played for any first-person shooter game for PS4. It is very precise and you feel the same as you are firing in real.

You can Buy this bundle for $70.00.

HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai
A cool gadget for the Tekken and Street Fighter players. The Kai is a combination of old Hayabusa Joystick and the new Hayabusa buttons. The arcade stick is lighting fast and very precise. Most of the pro players use this in the world tournaments. Features including a touchpad, turbo settings, 9.8 ft. cable, and other awesome stuff.

This package includes Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition and can be purchased for $149.99.

Playstation Platinum Wireless Headset
For a pro gamer, a headset is everything! This Platinum Wireless Headset provides you with a great sound as it is powered by the 3D audio technology. You can connect it to your Playstation or your PCs or even to your mobile phone using the audio cable which will be provided with the product.

You can buy this for a price of $108.99.

Playstation 4 Slim 1TB Console – Star Wars: Battlefront II Bundle
We are giving you the whole package and I mean, the whole! This bundle includes a PS4 Console with a 1TB space along with Star Wars: Battlefront II game on a blu-ray disk. A matching wireless controller is also included!

You can buy this amazing bundle for $268.87.

Found something that caught your eye in these PS4 Deals of the Day? Let us know in the comments section below!