Ben 10: Alien Evolution Guide – Omnibox, Upgrades, How to Tap, Tips and Tricks

In this Ben 10: Alien Evolution Guide, we have some tips and tricks for you that will help you play Ben 10: Alien Evolution. We have seen many games adapt to the endless runner genre and the latest one to jump on this bandwagon is Ben 10: Alien Evolution.

Ben 10: Alien Evolution is an endless running game with you as Ben running through different stages collecting strength to power up while avoiding different types of hazards that come in your way. When you have enough strength gathered, you take on Psyphon’s goons to defeat them in one on one combat.

We have curated this Ben 10: Alien Evolution for you in which we have listed some tips and strategies that will surely help you play the game more effectively. Defeat all bosses and clear all stages easily with these tips and tricks.

Save Undertown by becoming the ultimate hero and defeating Psyphon with our Ben 10: Alien Evolution Guide. Our Ben 10: Alien Evolution Guide details everything that you need to know about playing Ben 10: Alien Evolution and defeating Psyphon to save your city.

Ben 10: Alien Evolution Guide – Tips and Tricks

Using these tips and tricks, you will easily be able to avoid all obstacles that come in your way and grab as many omniboxes that come your way.

When you reach a tough battle or a difficult stage in the game, these tips and tricks will help you overcome them. They also cover most of the game mechanics so you will have a basic understanding of how you need to play the game.


In each running stage, you will come across different collectibles that you must try to opt. The most important of these are the Omnibox. Collecting Omniboxes make your power up until you can turn into an alien form.

To make things easy, Omniboxes are green in color and you will come across them on the path where you need to go. Collect as many as possible to power up your alien form.

Each run has unique Ominiboxes and they will be good for that one run only. If you die during a run, all your power up progress will be lost and you will be required to start again from zero in the next run. If you plan to complete a run, make sure that you try to run as clean as possible so that you are able to fully power up your Alien form.


Each alien form has different upgrades that you need to purchase to make them even better. These upgrades will benefit from the melee fight sections as well as other sections so you should try to upgrade as much as possible. Buying these upgrades is not cheap so you will be required to do a bit of grinding.

These upgrades are worth all the hassle so you should try to upgrade as many alien forms as possible to make your melee battles easy.

Understanding the Tap Mechanic

Just like any other endless running game, Ben 10: Alien Evolution has a unique tap mechanic that can be a little buggy at times and will count your taps as two instead of one. There are different actions that you will be required to perform during your runs including sliding, jumping, and shooting, etc.

The game’s mechanic is set in a way that each input has a slight delay so you must time your taps or swipes accordingly. Understanding this mechanic and using it effectively is very important otherwise you will end up missing prompts and hitting the obstacles coming in your way. This will result in very short runs.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is not a continuous tapping game so you also need to make sure that you are not constantly tapping on your screen.

This will result in missed prompts when you really need them. You need to aim for green medals. Collect as many green medals as you can. There will also be some red medals but you must avoid them because you will end up dying. Time your taps attentively so that you go for the right medal.

This concludes our Ben 10: Alien Evolution Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!