Watch Your Shows Elsewhere, “No Plans” to Bring Netflix to Nintendo Switch

Netflix, a core entertainment application that consumers deem essential in their daily lives, will not be gracing the Nintendo Switch anytime soon.

After being regularly bombed with requests for updates in past months, the media-streaming company finally put an end to the debate this week.

Taking to Twitter on the weekend, its official customer support account stated that “there are currently no plans for Netflix on Nintendo Switch” and any feedback regarding the matter is appreciated. Strangely enough, the tweet was removed soon after.

The update is greatly appreciated, even if it is likely to disappoint owners of the Nintendo Switch. This is mainly because Nintendo itself has refrained from releasing any official statement about when the entertainment application will be added to the hybrid console.

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming service in the United States and in recent years, has expanded its coverage area into other countries as well. It is a prime destination for watching new movies, television shows, and more. It is surprising to see Nintendo so laid back in this regard, especially when every other company is rushing to bring Netflix to whatever new hardware in the market.

Unless the stars align in our favor, the Nintendo Switch appears to certainly remain without support. It does feature the Hulu application though, but consumers will probably be hoping to see Netflix be added as soon as possible.

Despite the success that the Nintendo Switch has enjoyed in the past year, it still remains without support for various features. Yesterday, it came to light that the Japanese company is also not interested in adopting virtual reality and higher resolutions such as 4K or more.