The Best PC Games Deals of the Day – Discounted Prices on New and Old Games (Absolver, Dark Souls, Tales of Zestiria)

There is still some time until the launch of Steam Summer Sale, however, it does not mean you cannot avail hefty discounts on your favorite PC games. In our PC Games Deals of the Day, we have listed some discounted prices on old and new titles including Absolver, Dark Souls II, Age of Wonders 3, and more.

For our Best PC Games Deals of the Day, we have not only provided reasons for buying a specific title but have also provided the links for you to buy the games directly so that you do not have to scout the online stores to find the best prices for your favorite titles.

Absolver is an online martial art action-role-playing game where you battle in an online PVP mode or against AI in the campaign section. The game is played in an open-world environment and is played from a third-person perspective.

You can buy it for $20.09 USD.

Tales of Zestiria
This is a Japanese role-playing video game in which the player will fight with epic monsters and Elements. You can fuse with your companion and fight off against the enemies on different lands.

You can buy this for $49.99 USD.

Dark Souls II
This sequel is different from its previous one although both are played in the same world, Drangleic. You can play either in a PVE or in a PVP mode. Fight down to your last breath against different sorts of beasts and dragons.

You can buy this for $39.99 USD.

Age of Wonders 3
This is a strategic turn-based video game in which you will rule over the kingdoms by either fighting or by using diplomatic solutions. Interactions with others kingdoms will be common as you are expanding your empire.

You can buy this game for $7.49 USD.

Life is Feudal: Forest Village
A strategy based game where you will lead a group of people to build a new home on an unknown land after you were forced out of your home. The players must use the survival tactics to navigate through the game. Build houses, farms and others building and also store foods and firewood for winter.

You can buy this game for $17.49 USD.

We are the Dwarves
You will take control of three dwarfs i.e. Forcer, SmashFist, and Shadow, as they set out to find a new homeland on a new star. The player will come across new races and monsters of all sorts. You have to battle out and make sure that your race survives.

You can buy this game for $2.49 USD.

Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition
A zombie infestation has taken place on an island and you and your team of four friends is the only ones left there. You need to survive that apocalypse and fight your way out of their and seek out help. Use your fists, your brain whatever you can do to help each other out in staying alive.

You can buy this game for $4.99 USD.

This is it for all PC Games Deals of the Day. Found something that caught your attention, do not forget to let us know in the comments section below!