Pokemon Go Kyogre Guide – How to Catch, Best Moves, Counters, (Tips And Tricks)

All Pokemon like Kyogre are extremely difficult to catch and thus, most of the players playing the game are not aware of what to do if they want to get the specific legendary Pokemon on their team. This Pokemon Go Kyogre Guide will tell you all about the Pokemon from its stats, how can you easily catch it, and how can you utilize it to its maximum potential.

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Apart from this, we will also go through our recommendations of battling Pokemon Go Kyogre, its best counters, best moves, and some other minor details. Be sure to stick until the end to learn about everything that you need to know!

Pokemon Go Kyogre

Pokemon Go Kyogre is a Water-type, weights 352 KG, and has a height of 4.5 meters. It has a max CP ATK of 270, DED of 251, and STA of 182. One of Kyogre’s moves synergizes with Waterfall. The best move that Kyogre can do is the Hydro Pump while the Blizzard and the Thunder are good for certain situations. They do not synergize with Waterfall which is why they are not as good as the Hydro Pump.

Waterfall has a true DPS of around 21.67 whereas the Hydro Pump has a DPS of 63.94. Both Blizzard and Thunder have a DPS of 56.97. Pokemon Go Kyogre, in general, has a flee rate of 1% along with a capture rate of 2% and a Buddy Distance of 20 KM. It is weak against Electrical-type and Grass-type Pokemon while being resistant to Fire-type, Steel-type, Ice-type and Water-type Pokemon.

Now let us take a look at how can you catch this Pokemon and how you can use it in the battle to achieve victory.

How To Catch Kyogre

Even though you would normally catch this Pokemon in Harbors or Ocean due to its Water-type, you can only catch it in a Raid Battle due to it being a Legendary Pokemon. You will need a Raid Pass if you want to enter the battle, which will take place around the Gyms in the Pokemon World.

How to Battle
Pokemon Go Kyogre can only be found in Level 5 Raid Battles due to it being a Legendary Pokemon. This means that you need to find other trainers to team up with! Once you have done that, you can use up to six of your Pokemon in Raid Battles.

You will have around two minutes to assemble your team which will take on the Raid Battle. Try to use Grass-type and Electric-type moves against it so that you can be super effective. Pokemon which have moves like Thunder or Solar Beam are very good for use against Kyogre.

An example of the Pokemon that you could use against Kyogre includes Tangela, Venusaur, Victreebell, Raikou, Zapdos, Manectric, and Ampharos. These Pokemon will counter Kyogre. You can also use Legendary Pokemon but they will be a massive risk of being attacked by his charged move which will inflict massive damage.

Personally, I would recommend that you totally avoid all the Legendary Pokemon and try to go with the Pokemon which counter Kyogre since they can be much more effective against him. With these Pokemon, you will have the best chance of defeating Kyogre. Now let us take a look at how to catch Kyogre.

How to Catch
Once the battle is over and you have received your rewards, you will be given a few PokeBalls to catch the weaker version of the raid boss. Golden Razz Berries have to be used on every throw of your PokeBall, otherwise, your attempts will almost certainly be futile.

Kyogre is very far away from you during the catching phase so curveballs will be quite difficult. Try to aim for an excellent throw along with the Golden Razz Berries to have the best chance of catching this Pokemon. After this, all you can do is hope that you get Kyogre.

Tips and Tricks

Using a Raikou with Thunder Shock and Wild Charge is very good and can make Kyogre fall quite quickly. Thunder Shock has a cooldown which is much lower than Volt Switch but has a similar amount of damage which makes it much better for use with Raikou.

Wild Charge has 10 Attack Power more than Thunder Bolt but Thunder requires too much energy to use. It is best if you use Thunder if it is over Level 31, otherwise, it may not be as effective as it seems on paper.

Sceptile with a Leaf Blade is also good. You can use any quick move that you want with it because it has a massively high ATK. If you want to make things easier then select Bullet Seed as your Quickmove as it is of Grass-type and will naturally counter Kyogre. Sceptile is weak against Blizzard so it is best if you have it over Level 35 before you take it into battle.

If the Kyogre has Thunder then Groudon works best as it will counter the Kyogre and hit it with a Solar Beam which will be very effective. Groudon might be going offline for Raid Battles soon so it is better if you jump into the Raid Battles with him as soon as you possibly can.

Conversely, Ho-Oh is best if you are going against a Kyogre with Blizzard. This way you will have a lot of defense and will not take a lot of damage during the fight. Extrasensory is perfect for your quick move. Just remember to ensure that your Ho-Oh is over Level 25.

Of course, you can use any Pokemon that you believe will be good such as Venusaur and Exeggutor. Or you can use Zapdos or Jolteon as all of these Pokemon’s main positive is the fact that they counter Kyogre naturally and will make the fight much easier for you than it would be otherwise.

Lastly, remember that Pokemon Go Kyogre’s attacks will be boosted if it is raining but your Electric Attacks will be boosted even more. Therefore, it is best to take Electrical Pokemon against Kyogre in the rain and Grass-type ones in the sun.

That is all we have for our Pokemon Go Kyogre Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!