Monster Hunter: World Pre-Purchase Guide, Where to Buy at Best Price (Standard, Deluxe, Collectors, Rathalos Edition)

Take the fight to behemoth monsters in epic locales with our Monster Hunter: World Pre-Purchase Guide. Scheduled to release on Jan. 26, 2018 on consoles, you can buy three different editions (Standard, Deluxe, and Collectors). Each of the Monster Hunter: World editions come with its own set of pre-purchase bonuses that you can avail.

In case you are still on the verge of buying the game, you can participate in an upcoming console beta to see whether you like the game or not. As for the PC version of the game, it has been delayed to launch in Autumn 2018 in order to polish it further. In our Monster Hunter: World Pre-Purchase Guide, we have provided you with the best prices you can find on different editions of MHW.

Pre-Purchase Monster Hunter: World at the Best Prices

Looking to buy ‘Monster Hunter: World’ at the best available prices? Then look no further! In this guide, we have not only detailed the pre-purchase bonuses but have also provided you with the links from where you can buy them directly without scouring the online stores for best available prices.

Standard Edition
This one is fairly straightforward! The edition contains the base vanilla game and no additional goodies. However, you can pre-order the game to acquire the Origin Armor Set and Fair Wind Charm Set. You can use the Origin Armor Set to fight through a portion of the early game alongside some useful gathering skills.

Monster Hunter: World Standard Edition

Fair Wind Charm Set, on the other hand, increases your Attack Power, provides damage reduction, and glowing aura on your left arm. Finally, you can pre-purchase the PS4 version digitally to acquire two PS4 themes based on the artwork from the game. Do note that Capcom has also announced that players will be able to acquire the Origin Armor Set and Fair Wind Charm Set using an alternate method later down the road.

Deluxe Edition
If the Standard Edition is not your cup of tea, you can always opt for the game’s Digital Deluxe Edition that comes with several bonuses. The said bonuses include the Samurai Set, 3 gestures (Zen, Ninja Star, Sumo Slap), 2 sticker sets (MH All-Star Set, Sir Loin Set), Wyvern face paint, and Topknot hairstyle.

Monster Hunter: World Digital Deluxe Edition

In addition to this, you can also pre-purchase the PS4 version of the game in order to acquire 14 weapon-themed PSN avatars. Similar to the Standard Edition, Capcom has announced all the items included in the Digital Deluxe Edition will be available to purchase separately.

Collectors Edition
Coming to the Collector’s Edition of the game; it includes a physical copy of the game, everything included in the Digital Deluxe Edition, a Nergigante figure, Monster Hunter: World special soundtrack (with 10 tracks, in total!), and MHW artbook titled ‘Monster Designs’.

Monster Hunter: World Collector's Edition

  • From Gamestop from $149.99 USD

Rathalos Edition
Previously, only available in Japan for PS4 Pro, the edition is now being released in France for 450€. If you are interested in buying, you can head over to this post and read all available details.

This is it for our Monster Hunter: World Pre-Purchase Guide. Did you find something that caught your eye? Do not forget to let us know in the comments section below!

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