Ketchapp Games Will Be Coming To China Thanks To Ubisoft

You’ve likely experienced at least one of the multiple Ketchapp games at some point in your life, if you own a mobile phone and have had time to waste. Whether it’s a game like 2048, or other ones like Hoverboard Rider or Skyward, Chinese players will now be able to experience them too.

This is all thanks to Ubisoft, which is working with Tencent in order to bring the games into the country. The games will be brought over through Tencent’s “Weixon Mini-Game” app, a WeChat mirror for Chinese users. The Weixin app is particularly suited for the transition because it’s one of the most popular apps in China, boasting over 980 million active users.

For comparison, China’s population is around 1,400,000,000 people as of 2016’s Chinese census. That means that nearly half of China’s population make use of the app. With such a large userbase, all of the Ketchapp games have the potential to be extremely successful in their new region, especially if Chinese players find them entertaining.

Most of the games are intended to simply be time sinks; 2048 simply has players move around sets of numbers, combining them to eventually form the number 2048, though you can keep going higher and higher for as long as you want and as much as you can.

Hoverboard Rider is somewhat less impressive; it’s a simple simulation game where you can dress up your avatar in different outfits while riding around a city on a “hoverboard”, one of the two-wheeled scooters that became popular in 2016 before a large number of incidents of them catching fire quickly killed the enthusiasm.

The various Ketchapp games that will be available in China will be coming at some point later this year, most likely, though there doesn’t seem to be an official date for all of the Ketchapp games to be available just yet.