Leaked Documents Reveal How Devs Drive In-game Microtransactions Using AI

At the tail end of 2017, we saw quite a backlash from the gaming community towards microtransactions in video games most notably towards Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Destiny 2 to some extent and now a leaked document has revealed how developers drive in-game microtransactions using Artificial Intelligence(AI).

The leaked documents come from a slew of leaked images taken from a digital marketing firm’s presentations and obviously, the firm’s name has not been revealed. The documents reveal in-depth how developers can use AI or algorithms to drive in-game microtransactions to increase their in-game revenue.

While we won’t go into details but we will mention some of the highlights from these leaked documents. According to the leak, the firm has improved the AI’s ability to drive in-game microtransactions with the implementation of bait-and-switching methods.

The documents reveal in detail how AI can gather player’s personal data and use it to build a psychological profile which then can be used to manipulate users to drive micro-transactions. You can check out the full leaked documents here.

Whether or not these documents are real or fake is another debate, however, what information these documents reveal is definitely frightening and it reminds me of what Watch Dogs and Watch Dos 2 have been warning us about.

It wouldn’t be surprising if it is real since Activision has filed a patent for matchmaking to drive microtransaction and recently EA patented matchmaking systems to boost player engagement.

These matchmaking systems include an innovative way of adjusting the given game’s difficulty mode to your playstyle and creating an online matchmaking algorithm which takes you play style, preferences, and playtime in account when creating a match.

What is your take on the leaked documents revealing how devs can use AI to drive microtransactions in video games? Let us know in the comments.