Yet More Bloodborne Content Discovered And Showcased In New Video

Bloodborne launched back in 2015, however, data miners are still finding Bloodborne content that was cut or unused. Recently, a dataminer found an unused boss in the game and more cut content from the game has been found.

This newly discovered Bloodborne content are five unused enemies in the game, however, finding them is one thing and watching them being used in the game is another thing and Youtuber ‘Lance McDonald’ has not only found the unused Bloodborne content which are five unused enemies but has also patched them in the game.

These unused enemies include Slug princess which is a hybrid of a slug and woman, Witch creatures which are very similar to Eye Collector Witches. You check out all the characters being used in the game in the video above.

Furthermore, gamers have also found a hidden boss in Bloodborne after three years following the game’s release. The Flaming Undead Giant was showcased in one of the game’s trailers, however, players couldn’t find it anywhere until now.

Fans of the game have been asking From Software for a sequel, however, the studio seems to have no plans for the sequel to the game. The studio revealed a trailer at Game Awards 2017 for its upcoming project, which many speculate might be the sequel to 2015’s critically acclaimed title.

The trailer itself reveals nothing but showcases a contraption of sorts made of bone, ropes, and metal. Until From Software reveals the game we can only speculate.

Bloodborne is a third-person action adventure game developed by From Software exclusively for PlayStation 4.