Bummer! The Evolution of Fortnite Does Not Cover New Maps or Vehicles

Fortnite is expanding the borders of its current battle royale map to make space for the growing global player-base. Unfortunately, the expansion process will not mean the addition of new maps in the immediate future.

Speaking with Rolling Stone in a recent interview, lead systems designer Eric Williamson stated that the development team is focused on improving the current state of the game. This covers the content currently available, and while that will receive significant tweaks this year, the community should not expect anything entirely new.

The current battle royale map is scheduled to receive five new locations this week, giving players more terrain to capture and defend. Epic Games has not necessarily thrown out the idea of making new maps. However, this will only materialize somewhere down the line and not right now. In that light, if the developer deems it best, it may continue to evolve the current sole map instead of working on a brand new one.

On the subject of vehicles being added to the game, the developer feels that they are unnecessary for the overall experience. This is primarily because the travel time in Fortnite is low enough to disregard the need for wheels.

“When we discuss vehicles, we talk about trying things with unique functionality and make it not just about going from point A to point B,” Williamson pointed out. “That’s the extent of it.”

But we need new maps for a change in setting and experience?

There is a reason that Epic Games is not interested in working on new maps at this point. The “level streaming” feature in Unreal Engine 4 opens up ample amounts of opportunities to improve a single map. This technology allows a developer to adjust the variety of terrain, and more, at any given time.

Hence, you may be yearning for two different maps, but what if you were to experience both different terrains and localized areas in a single large version? The possibilities are endless and it is not difficult to understand why Epic Games wants to take advantage of the feature for the current time.