Battlefield 1 Server Maintenance For January 16 Confirmed, New Content Arriving As Well

Battlefield 1 servers are going to under maintenance, according to EA DICE. In a post on its official website, Battlefield 1 server maintenance was announced along with the arrival of Prise de Tahure for all base game players. Yes, you read it right! All base game players will get Prise de Tahure.

We will be rolling out server maintenance for Battlefield 1 across all platforms on Tuesday, January 16th,as we release Prise de Tahure for all Battlefield 1 base game owners. During this time, you will get disconnected from online play but will be able to rejoin shortly after. Server maintenance times are as follows:

Battlefield 1 will go down at different times on all platforms. Here are the details you need to know about the timings.

  • PC: Server update will be starting at 900 UTC/ 1:00AM PST
  • PS4: Server update will be starting at 930 UTC / 1:30AM PST
  • Xbox One: Server update will be starting at 1000 UTC/ 2:00AM PST

Once the servers are back up, players will be able to download the map. The map is already available to season pass holders who downloaded They Shall Not Pass DLC.

What is Prise de Tahure?

Prise de Tahure is the second night map for They Shall Not Pass DLC. The DLC release last year as well as the map. But now the map is available for all base game players. The map is set right before dawn in a small countryside where the fight for Champagne-Ardennes region will take place.

Battlefield 1 is developed by EA DICE and is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can grab the game and its season pass for $31 right now from Amazon.