Report: 120 PUBG Cheat Developers Arrested In China With Tencent’s Help

Hackers and cheaters have been infesting PUBG ever since the game launched despite the developers banning hackers and cheaters from the game and now Tencent has helped the PUBG Corp. to apprehend 120 PUBG cheat developers in China.

PUBG Corp has partnered with Tencent in order to publish PUBG in China and purging the PUBG cheat problem is one of the benefits the studio is reaping from this partnership.

As reported by Bloomberg, Tencent has helped the Chinese Police to uncover 30 cases and arrest 120 people suspected of PUBG cheat development.

Furthermore, the report points out that these cheat developers used PUBG’s leaderboards to advertise their cheats by using their QQ numbers instead of names so that players can contact them and acquire the cheat. The QQ chat service in China also belongs to Tencent.

Despite Tencent and PUBG Corp’s combined efforts, cheating in PUBG still remains one of the main problems with the game. We hope the developers will be able to overcome it.

However, Tencent is also working on games that are quite similar to PUBG. Tencent’s Europa is one of the games that Tencent is developing and quite frankly, this is the game what PUBG should have been.

Tencent’s Europa currently has no release date and the game’s Steam store page is not available in English. However, Tencent has not explicitly referred to the game as Battle Royale but the gameplay trailer for Tencent’s Europa does give Battle Royale Vibes.

Furthermore, Tencent is also working on two different PUBG mobile games. Both of these mobile games will be developed using Unreal Engine 4 just like the PC version of the game and might not release outside of China.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a multiplayer shooter developed by PUBG Corp. for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Bloomberg