Xbox Elite Controller V2 Details Leaked, Features USB Type-C, 3-level Hair Trigger Locks And More

Microsoft has already introduced Xbox Elite controller and it seems that the company is looking to roll out a revised version of Xbox Elite controller as details about Xbox Elite Controller V2 have been leaked online.

According to the leak, Xbox Elite Controller V2 will support USB Type-C, will feature rechargeable batteries along with MagSafe-like charge port. The controller will also feature 3-level Hair Trigger locks along with 3-Profile Switch. Check out the leaked images for Xbox Elite Controller V2 below.

Also, this is not the only Xbox controller making its way on the market as Xbox One Classic Duke Controller will be rolling out in March and will be priced at $69.99.

For those who don’t know, Duke controller was the controller for the very first Xbox and was quite popular for having massive size. Initially was controller was not a fan favorite but many gamers grew fond of it which are the very reason for the Duker Controller being released for Xbox One.

In related news, Microsoft launched Xbox One X back in November 2017, however, the console can’t have any exclusive as any game released for Xbox One X must be released for Xbox One and One S.

According to Frozenbyte, Microsoft is basically stopping devs from making Xbox One X exclusives that the console otherwise might be getting as there are developers who like to develop games exclusively for Xbox One X.

I think there’s definitely developers out there who’d like to bring their game to consoles, but the only thing powerful enough apart from PC would be the Xbox One X,” Tuovinen said. “My guess is there’d be a lot more Xbox One X games if they’d allow exclusives.

It is important to note that this is just a leak and could potentially be fake so take it as a grain of salt. However, if this elite controller is areal then I am getting my hands on one.

Source: Resetera