Those Boosting Accounts in Call of Duty WW2 Will Be Dealt With, Sledgehammer Vows

The nefarious act of players boosting accounts in a multiplayer game is not new and hence, not surprising for Call of Duty WW2.

The goal is always to rise in the online rankings by putting in the least amount of work with little or no skill at all. This does not always see players cheating their way through the leaderboards because most of the times, highly-skilled individuals will simply accept payments to play from the accounts of others.

If you were to go through the leaderboards of Call of Duty WW2 this instance, you will notice that the top players in the world have unreasonable statistics. The numbers are simply impossible, unless they have been playing against mindless bots since the installment was released last year. It makes it pretty obvious that the number of boosters have only increased for the game and with that, the number of boosted accounts.

Sledgehammer Games is finally taking notice of the issue. Posting on Reddit on the weekend, the developer promised that it is increasing its efforts to combat cheaters and boosters in the coming months. It has also promised to clean up the leaderboards so that legitimate players with real skills can achieve their rightful place in the global rankings.

How will boosters be detected?

The developer has refrained from mentioning how it intends to detect boosted accounts. It can be either an automatic or manual process. In the former, there may be a slight problem with some legitimate players getting caught in the crossfire.

When will the update be released?

Unfortunately, the developer has refrained from mentioning that as well. The community has been asked to be patient as the development team keeps working on improvements.

What will happen to the boosters after they are caught?

Sledgehammer Games will likely share that information soon to work as a warning. For the time being, we can only assume that the developer will be suspending every boosted account. The most severe cases may even be permanently banned.

In other related news, Call of Duty WW2 will officially be concluding its first ranked season at the end of the month. The second season will start on February 1 with new seasonal rewards and incentives that will just help improve business for boosting services.