The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition Update (v.2.60) Brings Some Major Changes to the Game

The Witcher 3 with the ‘Game of the Year‘ award in its hand, has managed to gather a massive fan-following, thanks to its breathtaking views and exciting sword fighting mechanics. The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition recently received v.2.60 that has brought a plethora of new changes.

The Mod Enhanced Edition for The Witcher 3 has been released to version 2.60. Sir Reaperrz Custard McButtfuck Esq, a modder has released a brand new version of his gameplay overhaul for the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

In order to install the newly released update, you need to download the update from NexusMods and follow the instructions provided below:

Download the file, open it and extract its contents into your main Witcher 3 folder (where the DLC folder is).

Open up the (keybinds.txt) file, select everything and copy it to the top of the (input.settings) file in Documents\The Witcher 3.

If you are updating, DO NOT add the keybinds multiple times. Always delete the old keybinds you have added and add the new ones again. If you have duplicates, some things might not work as expected.

Important: After the mod compiles and the game starts after installation or updating, exit the game and restart it to keep bugs from happening. It seems like there might be possible problems with the game, causing weird behavior for unknown reasons.

The mod will bring many changes that will differ from the original game. The game will provide more intense fights and better combat experience. Furthermore, attributes, talents, items, and other radical changes have also been included!

The CD Projekt Action RPG also includes stats like Force, Stamina, Health Regen, Dodge, and Attack Speed. Silversword will not be enough for every monster but will deal extra damage to undead and vampires.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is now available on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. Did you get a chance to try out the Enhanced Edition update, let us know in the comments section below!