Spiderman PS4 Box Art Near Completion, 100 Story Fall Won’t Kill Spidey?

Spiderman PS4 box art is almost complete, according to Jacinda Chew, the art director at Insomniac Games. Taking to Twitter, she posted that the game’s box art is close to completion, hinting that we may see a reveal soon.

Spiderman PS4 in under development at Insomniac Games and its development recently reached a major milestone. The title is being tested internally, it is playable from start fro finish, and it takes days to complete the game.

Something even more interesting came from one of her Tweets. She mentioned that her favorite thing to do is swan dive toward the street and swing up at the very last second. One of the fans asked what happens if you don’t swing up, to which she replied:

Hmmm… So what fall won’t kill him? That’s something we need clarification on but judging from her Tweet, it seems Spidey won’t end up like a squashed bug if he falls from a building. Even if he does end up dead, we do have Miles Morales to cover for him.

Spiderman PS4 is still without a release date but something should be announced soon. The game is expected to be at E3 2018 where Sony should confirm a release date.

Do you Spidey will land on his feet from a high story fall? Or will he end up dead in the street? Let us know in the comments below.