Shoulder Those Rocket Launchers, Fortnite Has Disabled Friendly Fire to Reduce Team-Killings

The aspect of friendly fire in Fortnite has been disabled effective immediately, a stern decision that comes after much deliberation to somehow address team-killings.

Posting on Reddit on the weekend, the developer stated that it has been receiving a lot of feedback on the subject. The amount of team-killings, whether intentional or accidental, have increased with time. This has started to affect user-experience and must be dealt with now.

From today onward, friendly fire has been completely disabled in Fortnite for an indefinite period. Epic Games will be closely monitoring the new changes in the coming weeks. If the feedback is still negative then the developer may “evaluate other methods of reducing team-killings” in the game.

Do we even need friendly fire?

The competitive crowd will always raise their hands in acceptance of friendly fire in a multiplayer game. It promotes careful tactics and thoughtful play, but also gives trolls the opportunity to dismantle gameplay with their shenanigans.

Does disabling friendly fire solve the issue?

It does thwart players from abusing the feature, whether they are in a squad or team. However, that pertains to just team-killings. In the aftermath, players have started using explosives for close-range weaponry. Without concerns of killing allies, you can start shouldering rocket launchers and lobbying grenades to wipe out multiple opponents at the probable cost of your own life.

How else can Epic Games counter team-killings?

There are various ways through which a developer can combat the problem without disabling the feature in entirety. Rainbow Six Siege, for example, automatically kicks a player for killing hostages or team members, while others issue temporary bans.

In other related news, Fortnite recently faced severe online service degradation. According to Epic Games, the blame is with the patches arriving to plug the Intel Meltdown security vulnerability.