Meltdown And Spectre Bugs Hit iPhone 6 Performance By 40%

Apple has confirmed that Meltdown and Spectre bugs impact the performance of all Apple products and these include the iPhones. Previously we heard about Apple slowing down the iPhones but now we have to see how performance is affected. Here we have some numbers that will give you an idea regarding how hard Meltdown and Spectre bus hit iPhone 6 performance.

Even though we are talking about the iPhone 6, you need to keep in mind that Meltdown and Spectre bus affect new iPhones as well. If you own an iPhone 7 or 8 or even the X, the performance degradation will still be there but the number can vary.

iOS 11.2.2 update has been released to patch the security flaws and benchmarking the device before and after the patch reveals the difference in performance. Below are the numbers that you need to know about.

iPhone 6 Before Spectre Update After Spectre Update Change Percentage
Single-Core Score 1561 924 -41%
Multi-Core Score 2665 1616 -39%

As you can see the effects on iPhone 6 performance are pretty significant and we can see more than 40% performance degradation when it comes to single core performance and about 40% performance degradation when it comes to multi-core performance.

While this is a huge hit in performance it tells us that security cannot be compromised in favor of performance and while this is not the ideal case, this is something that we all can appreciate. Reports also claim that benchmarking numbers can also be affected by battery throttling which Apple has been accused of and this could be the case.

We will tell you more about this development and what Apple is going to do in order to make up for this huge hit in iPhone 6 performance. Stay tuned for more information. You can also check out more benchmarks here.

Let us know what you think about the impact that Meltdown and Spectre bugs have on iPhone 6 performance.