Drop the Pitchforks, Anthem Will Not Feature EA’s Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment System

Remember the new patent that Electronic Arts has been trying to get approved for a new Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment (DDA) system? BioWare has assured that it will not be part of Anthem in any way.

Posting on Reddit last week, creative director Brenon Holmes stated that fans do not have to worry about the new kind of matchmaking technique being implemented in the shared-world of the upcoming action-role-playing game.

Anthem will have other arrays through which to boost player engagement. At this point, the developer is pretty certain that the highly anticipated release will have nothing to do with DDA.

“I’m not sure where this is really coming from… we’re not doing any of that though,” Holmes wrote.

What is this Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment system?

It is a new form of matchmaking that takes into account player behavior before adjusting gameplay accordingly. The game can suddenly become easier or harder, while ignoring preferences prescribed by the player at the start.

Isn’t that a good thing?

It actually is. The problem is that the automation process takes away the freedom to choose your own gameplay environment. The forced matchmaking may work in some games but not all of them. In addition, there is concern that EA may make the game harder on purpose to encourage microtransactions.

Can it still be part of Anthem?

If BioWare is suddenly told in the coming months that it has to include the DDA system in the game, it will make the development process very hectic. Changes will have to be made and the release date will probably have to be delayed. Hence, it seems unlikely unless the developer is hiding something.

There is fleeting hope that the publishing giant has learned its lesson with Star Wars Battlefront 2. In that light, Anthem is said to be not focusing heavily on loot boxes. There will always be microtransactions, but there are fine as long as they do not impact gameplay.