Xbox One Classic Duke Controller Release Date and Price Announced

Duke Controller was introduced when Microsoft first went into the console business because of its huge size which was one of a kind. The controller was labeled as ‘Duke’ because of massive size which wasn’t its original name.

Players having small hands found problems with the handling. The problem was quickly acknowledged by Microsoft and went back to a more compatible controller. Smaller Xbox S controller was then first launched in Japan after that, every Xbox controller has been seen with minor changes, but Microsoft never went back to Duke!

While Duke was a long way from being the official controller, essentially condemned for being excessively massive particularly when looking at other controllers, there were many individuals who enjoyed its outline and maybe that is the reason Microsoft was never keen on reproducing it for the newer consoles.

Hyperlink Started working on Duke’s remake and distribution. Though Hyperlink finally completed the Xbox One Classic Duke Controller project and announced a release date at the end of March.

At E3 the new release announced but the details on time and price were uncertain. Now we have a release date of late March. Although the price is labeled at $69.99. The controller is a remake of the Duke introduced back with original Xbox. The Xbox One Classic Duke Controller will work on both Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One.

Those who haven’t used Duke before the Duke was massive in size, causing issues that lead to complaints. While few liked the unique style. That to me seems, the only reason why Microsoft is going back to its original design.