Paradox Games Announces New Stellaris: Apocalypse Expansion Pack

Paradox Games has announced a new Stellaris: Apocalypse expansion pack, which will be adding more dimensions of gameplay to their 4X space game. The expansion will allow players to build superweapons, destroy planets, and more as they try and spread their dominance across the stars, and that’s likely not all.

Each different Stellaris expansion pack has brought a lot of new mechanics to games, such as the ability to play as a race of sapient robots, ways to unlock your psychic powers, adding in ancient horrors in the galaxy’s suns or certain systems, and create megastructures such as Dyson Spheres and Ringworlds. Stellaris: Apocalypse will be continuing this trend.

To start off with, players will be capable of building two new classes: a Colossus, which allows you to mount a superweapon that can destroy a planet, seed it with nanobots to turn its populace into cyborgs, or encase it in an inescapable energy shield. The other ship class is a Titan, which can mount long-range weapons that can fire on an enemy from across an entire system.

The Apocalypse expansion pack will also come with the Cherryh update, which will change the way players can move into faster-than-light travel, add in new civics, and more. For instance, players can make their custom species have a Gaia Preference, which means your species evolved on a world custom-made for you, but leaves you unable to colonize anything but Gaia Worlds, exceedingly rare paradise worlds that are sometimes under the control of powerful Fallen Empires.

There’s no confirmed release date for when Stellaris: Apocalypse will be released, but hopefully it will be soon; there’s likely more than a few players who want to act like they have a Death Star and say “You may fire when ready” before blowing a planet into pieces.