New Intel AMT Vulnerabilities Allow Hackers To Hijack Laptops In Minutes

Seems like 2018 is not Intel’s year. If Meltdown and Spectre were not enough new Intel AMT vulnerabilities have been found that put millions of enterprise laptops and networks at risk. Active Management Technology is technology that is used for remote access purposes and with this threat, hackers can get access to corporate laptops in a matter of minutes.

You will not be able to protect yourself even if you have a BIOS password or anti-virus installed. Hackers can use this vulnerability to access your device and then take control of the whole device as well as gain access to the entire network. You can imagine why this can be a threat as corporate data can be very sensitive and at times should not be revealed to the general public before the allotted time.

An attacker could potentially distract the user of the laptop for a few seconds and then insert a programmed USB into the laptop. After that is done it is just a matter of a few minutes before he has access to the device and all the data inside. This is a high-level threat and you can imagine why companies would be worried about this issue.

Other precautions like local firewall, disk encryption, antimalware, or VPN will also not protect you against this threat. We are still waiting on Intel to comment about this security threat and we will let you know what the company has to say. Stay tuned for more information regarding these Intel AMT vulnerabilities.

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Let us know what you think about these Intel AMT vulnerabilities and whether or not this is something that you are worried about.