Detective Pikachu English Version Coming March 18 On 3DS

Nintendo has finally released a Detective Pikachu trailer in English, with a release date that shows the game will be coming out on March 18 of this year. The game focuses on the player, who works with a talking Pikachu detective in order to solve a mystery happening in their town.

The game was previously announced in Japan and released in February of 2016, and now after two years it will be releasing in the West in English. While the trailer doesn’t show anything notable like gameplay, the game looks surprisingly interesting for such an odd premise.

Players have to gather various clues and piece them together to figure out various mysteries, and while it may not be on the same level with puzzles as Professor Layton (from what we can see in the trailer it seems like it’s mainly dragging and dropping clues to where they fit in a scenario), it’ll at least be an interesting adventure for someone looking for a little mystery game.

Pokemon players have previously had the opportunity to solve mysteries in both mainline Pokemon games (mainly whenever you deal with Looker of the International Police) and spinoffs like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, even if Mystery Dungeon is more an adventure game with plot developments than a true mystery.

Detective Pikachu himself also seems like quite the character; an avid coffee drinker wearing a snazzy deerstalker hat, the Pikachu in question even gets a joke about the main character mistaking a normal non-talking Pikachu for him. There’s also a joke about how an intelligent Pikachu likely wouldn’t take being ordered around by a trainer very well, and who knows what other jokes will be had at his expense.

Either way, the Detective Pikachu game will be releasing on the Nintendo 3DS on March 18 of this year, so be on the lookout if it seems like a game you’d like to pick up.