Miles Morales Is “Going To Surprise” Fans In Spiderman PS4

Spiderman PS4 has been in development at Insomniac Games for quite some time and the game is expected to launch in 2018, however, not much is known about the game but the developer has given us some in-depth insight to one of the characters, Miles Morales, saying that it’s going to be a surprise.

Speaking with GamesTM magazine, Creative Director Bryan Intihar talked about the role of Miles Morales in Spiderman PS4 hinting that he will have a bigger role in the game than expected.

According to Intihar, the studio originally planned Morales as a minor character but, his interactions with Pete were unique and decided to expand his role.

Miles didn’t start out with as big of a role as he has now. But as we started doing more research on the character, I went back and just started reading more and more and more. I’ll be honest, I just fell in love with the character. Just like MJ can provide a different perspective on the world, I thought Miles and his relationship to Peter brings something different.

Miles is younger than Peter, and what they experience, and how they get into each other’s live is pretty unique. I said off the bat that we wanted to make a unique Spider-Man universe, one that obviously takes cues from the comics and movies, but also does something unique and different…I’m pretty excited about him and where we take him. It’s going to be something. It’s going to surprise people.

As for the game’s villains, Bryan Intihar explained why the studio chose Mr.Negative as the villain for the upcoming Spider-Man PS4, given that he is the lesser known villain that Spidey has ever faced and the game will feature villains that will force players to mix up their strategy.

Also, Marvel as explained the influence Batman Arkham games had on the upcoming Spider-Man title.

“The Arkham games…inspired us to lean into our characters and trust that nailing the uniqueness of each character experience is really what’s going to make the gameplay compelling”.

Spider-Man PS4 is an open-world action adventure game in development at Insomniac Games exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: PSU