PUBG Corp. Announces Free BP to Compensate Players for Recent Currency Issue

The recent update released for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) on PC messed up in the distribution of Battle Points (BP) between the players.

Posting on the official Steam forums earlier today, the developer stepped forth to apology the way it handled the in-game currency and has promised to make amends by compensating everyone with free BP.

“We would first like to offer our most sincere apologies to our users who could not fully enjoy the game because BP was not given out properly, an issue which had occurred after the PC 1.0 launch, up until the Dec 27th (Wed) scheduled maintenance,” PUBG Corp. wrote. “We are compensating you for this loss. BP is given out to users all around the world, so it might not be received right away after clicking on the pop-up informing you about your BP compensation. Please be patient, you will get your compensation.”

It is important that players remember to log into the game and claim their free BP. The community has until February 9 to do so, after which the offer will be taken away.

PUBG has not only proven to be an immense success on PC but also Xbox One. The console version was released through the Xbox Game Preview program last month and has already sold more than 3 million copies.

It was confirmed earlier this month that PUBG features more than 30 million players across both platform, a healthy boost following the release on Xbox One. The developer plans to bring the game on PlayStation 4 as well in the future, but that will take time to materialize. Microsoft still has an unspecified exclusivity period for Xbox One. In addition, Sony is not too keen about early access games gracing its platform.