Overwatch League Saw Over 400,000 Concurrent Viewers on Twitch on Opening Day

The audience that Twitch attracted for the opening day of the Overwatch League did well to quell any concerns about the ambitious esports initiative.

The broadcast lasted for six hours and peaked at 441,243 concurrent viewers across all three different languages. The English stream brought in the most viewers, peaking at 392,119 concurrent viewers. The Korean stream came in second with 64,534 concurrent viewers, followed by the French stream with 11,530 concurrent viewers at peak.

The global stream, on average, held itself together just over 300,000 viewers throughout the event. The numbers are impressive to say the least, considering that the North American League Championship Series (NA LCS) normally achieves the same each season. However, this was just the first day of the Overwatch League. The real challenge for Blizzard will not be to just hold these figures but also somehow improve them with time.

Twitch reportedly signed a deal with Blizzard for third-party exclusive streaming rights to the Overwatch League that is worth $90 million for the two years. The streaming giant will be most pleased with what it managed to do on the opening day.

Los Angeles Valiant beat San Francisco Shock last night, with Los Angeles Gladiators wiping out Shanghai Dragons and Seoul Dynasty defeating Dallas Fuel. The next round of matches are set to take place later today.