New Super Mario Odyssey Update “Luigi’s Balloon World” Is Coming

A free new Super Mario Odyssey update is coming to the game in February, which will bring in a competitive multiplayer game mode called Luigi’s Balloon World that’s sure to continue the Nintendo tradition of ruining friendships and destroying civilizations through games like Mario Party, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros.

The game mode revolves around Mario and Luigi competing against each other by hiding balloons in the various worlds of Super Mario Odyssey and seeing if the other player can find them. Each player will have thirty seconds to hide and find the balloon, but considering how you can move in Odyssey, that’s enough time to get pretty far in the world.

Along with Luigi’s Balloon World, the new Super Mario Odyssey update will be adding in a number of different outfits to Mario, such as a Sunshine Shades and outfit, a Musician’s Outfit, and a Knight Helmet and Armor. New filters are also coming to the game’s Snapshot mode, meaning that you can mess around with pictures more.

While it’s a fairly small update, Super Mario Odyssey is already a fairly big game, with plenty of moons to find, plenty of levels to go through, and plenty of places to explore. Players being able to compete against one another with Luigi’s Balloon World might be good for little competitions to see how well you know a level, or some sort of hide and seek.

However, you’ll still have a bit of work to do before you can play the Luigi’s Balloon World game mode in the new Super Mario Odyssey update. In order to play it, you’ll have to beat the main story, so you’ll have the chance to get fairly familiar with the game’s various worlds before you play the game.

Once again, the new Super Mario Odyssey update will be coming out in February.