Metal Gear Survive Box Art Confirms Always Online Connectivity

Fans of the Metal Gear franchise didn’t feel much for Metal Gear Survive when it was announced and that hasn’t changed yet and it seems that Konami is helping itself either as Metal Gear Survive requires players to be always online to play.

The confirmation that Metal Gear Survive needs always online connection comes from the game’s final box art which reveals that the game requires an internet connection to be played.

However, the box art doesn’t specifically says if the game’s singleplayer campaign also requires being always online as the game also features co-op. We will know for sure once the game releases or Konami explains it.

Konami has also announced a Metal Gear Survive beta for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The beta will start from January 18 and will continue till January 20.

However, no beta has been announced for the PC version of the game and most likely will not be rolled out for PC.

Also, a Metal Gear Solid movie is in the works. According to the director, himself Metal Gear movie will be massive and added that for this to happen, it needs to be made in the right way.

The director himself revealed that he won’t make a Metal Gear movie in which there is no Cyborg Ninja. He further talked about the possibility of fourth wall breaking in the movie but said that to him it is less important compared to “walking philosophies and ideologies” of characters.

It is still unknown when the Metal Gear Solid movie will go into production but one thing is for sure that fans are excited about it.

Metal Gear Survive is a co-op survival action game and it will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in February 2018.

Source: Resetera