Google Slams Logan Paul, Drops His Ad Deals

Logan Paul has just lost his Google ad deals and his YouTube Projects due to his recent blunder of the Aokigahara forest video. Aokighara forest is near Mt. Fuji which is famous for one of the most suicidal places in the world. YouTube has been said to reveal a statement in which it clearly mentions that the deals that were in due process are being canceled by Google.

The company refused to play his videos as they used to do it before which mean he has to find another source of income from now on. As the YouTube is not going to generate as much revenue as it was doing before. Along with that YouTube has also put a hold on his upcoming sci-fi film The Thinning.

The movie was said to be released this year on YouTube red. Paul has also been removed from the “Google Preferred” which is known to be one of the most used platforms by brand advertisers.

It seems that his fame is coming to an end as he was heavily criticized for posting a video of a “dead body hanging” in the forest of Japan, although the face was blurred, the way he and his friends reacted to that was considered unprofessional and unethical. Above that, he claimed that this video was mainly created to make awareness in people about mental health.

However, the community, as well as Google, is taking this matter seriously. Logan Paul is being held accountable for his actions and is going to lose plenty of money once the dust the settles. Hopefully, he learns his lesson and avoids controversial and unethical content creation.