Pornhub: Playstation 4 Users Watch More Porn Than Other Console Owners

2017 has come to an end and with it come endless reports about how the year went for many websites, applications, companies and so on. Pornhub has just revealed it’s annual report and it might interest you. As the report shows, Pornhub Playstation 4 users watch porn more frequently on their console than any other console owner.

If you just scroll down through all the statistics and charts, you’ll find the section that might interest you. According to the report, PlayStation 4 owners that watch porn on Pornhub on their console are more than half the share of all console owners with 56% of the pie.  Xbox users come second with a 32% share and after that come PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS, Wii and Wii U owners.

The Pornhub 2017 Year in review report reads:

Xbox’s share of console traffic dropped by 6% since 2016, while PlayStation gained once again to now represent 56% of gamers watching porn. Nintendo’s portable 3DS had a large increase in market share but still only makes up 1% of game device traffic.

What’s missing from this chart though is everyone’s new sweetheart, the Nintendo Switch. This happens solely due to the fact the console doesn’t have a browser yet, we expect it to be added soon though so it probably be in the report for 2018.

Nintendo’s original Wii had a large decrease, while the updated WiiU now accounts for 5% of console visits. Nintendo’s newest Switch doesn’t yet have a browser, although it’s rumored that one will be implemented sometime in 2018 — at which time you can be sure Pornhub’s development team will work to ensure full support.

PlayStation 4 owners that watch Pornhub videos on their consoles are steadily gaining ground the last years. In 2015 they had a 49% share and last year that percentage was boosted to 53%. This outcome most likely has to do to with the fact that PlayStation 4 owners are more than Xbox One at the moment. In the case of Nintendo 3DS though, we’re surprised that it got a 110% boost this year since we would expect that users would want a bigger screen for this kind of “job”.