Darkest Dungeon Switch Release Date Has Been Revealed: January 18

Red Hook Studios has announced the Darkest Dungeon Switch release date. The game will be releasing on Nintendo’s console on January 18, marking yet another indie game that’s getting ported over to the Nintendo Switch. Darkest Dungeon has been available on the PC and Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita before now.

Darkest Dungeon has experienced a great deal of success ever since it released back in 2016, getting a number of different DLCs as it expands the grounds of the Estate that the player is trying to reclaim with parties of adventurers. The first DLC, The Crimson Court, released late last year, and a new class in the form of the Shieldbreaker DLC, were rousing successes.

A second DLC, “The Color of Madness“, is also coming at some point this year, and is apparently based on things like “The Color Out Of Space” or some other kind of cosmic Lovecraftian story.

The Darkest Dungeon Switch release date being January 18 will also have both The Crimson Court and The Shieldbreaker available on release with prices being $24.99, $9.99, and $3.99, respectively. Meaning that if you want to get the complete experience out of Darkest Dungeon, you’ll have to shell out more money than if you buy the vanilla game.

While Red Hook doesn’t have a specific timeframe for when The Color Of Madness will be coming to the Switch version of Darkest Dungeon, they have also said that the DLC will be coming to that version of the game at some point.

Along with that, the Switch version of Darkest Dungeon will support touch controls, making it much easier to play for players who don’t believe that controllers are good setups for a game like this.

Either way, once again the Darkest Dungeon Switch release date will be on January 18, so if you don’t have a PC that can play it, but do have a Switch, you can buy it and all of its DLC on that date.