Microsoft Working On A New Xbox Career System That Rewards Users With Loot Boxes

Microsoft has been continuously making changes and adding new features to Xbox One since its launch and a new report has made its way on the internet suggesting that Microsoft is working on a new system titled ‘Career’ that will track user’s achievements on the console and this Xbox Career system will also reward players like loot boxes according to their rank or level.

The report comes from WindowsCentral, “Microsoft is currently testing that refers to a new “Career” system for Xbox Live, and while it seems to be in a very early phase, Microsoft is actively committing code and other systems to support its functionality”.

According to the report, Xbox Career system will also reward players like loot boxes which will contain cosmetic items for their avatar.

Xbox Career system will also feature some quests for the players to complete like playing specific games. Completing these quests will also reward players with crate and experience points.

The report further suggests that at this time it is unlikely that the loot boxes will be purchasable through real-world money.

The documentation we received refers to a new subdomain on Xbox Live, “,” which isn’t yet available for public access. It also seems that these systems will incorporate achievements in some way, rewarding experience points that contribute toward levels in your overarching career. The systems track your progress and play time in your existing game library, and it looks as though it will all work alongside existing Gamerscore systems rather than replace them.

Along with making changes Xbox One’s achievement system, Microsoft is also interested in bringing more first-party titles to the console. Phil Spencer has noted that first-party titles for Xbox One should be the strengthof the company.

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Source: Windows Central