Here Is How You Can Unlock Overwatch League Skins To Support Your Favorite League Teams

With the 1st season of Overwatch League about to get started, Blizzard has rolled out a new Overwatch update for all platforms. This recent update, among a few notable changes, has added a massive number of Overwatch League Skins to the game. Each hero has received 12 new skins, themed after teams competing in the league. You can show your support to your favorite teams by rocking their skins in the game.

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Unlock Overwatch League Skins – How To

But how do you unlock these Overwatch League Skins? Unlike other limited-timed skins that are found in random loot boxes, Blizzard took a different approach with the League Skins. There is no way of unlocking the League Skins through gameplay and you will have to buy them using a new in-game currency called League Tokens.

Buying League Tokens to Buy Overwatch Skins

As mentioned earlier, you need to have League Tokens in order to buy the newly introduced Overwatch skins but how does one get League Tokens?! Each Overwatch League Skin costs 100 League Tokens which costs $5 USD. However, you can always acquire 100 Tokens for free by simply logging in Overwatch before Feb. 13, 2018. Alternatively, you can also buy League Tokens in a bundle, as they will cost you a little less.

While I do not expect you to buy each and every team’s skin out there, doing so will cost you a fortune. Personally, I like the idea of boasting your favorite team’s colors in the middle of a match. Overwatch League is almost upon us and will continue for about 6 months.

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