More Tomb Kings Information Comes Before New Faction’s Release

January 23 is creeping closer and closer, and as it gets closer we’re learning more and more about the Tomb Kings, the upcoming new faction for Total War Warhammer 2. First revealed back in December, we’re now getting more information about their mechanics, their strengths, and their weaknesses, along with starting positions.

The Tomb Kings’ main objective during the Vortex campaign is a less far-reaching one than the other factions in the game. The Tomb Kings will be ignoring the Vortex in favor of reclaiming five of the Nine Books of Nagash, in order to unlock the power of the Black Pyramid built by Nagash the necromancer.

However, the purpose of the Tomb Kings is to reclaim their Empire, not conquer a new one. Tomb Kings do much better on the defensive than on offense, and so players will have to build up their cities in order to keep away Elves, Lizardmen, and Skaven. The cities that they conquer will also figure into what types of units they can recruit, as each building allows access to a certain type of unit. This makes it more important to guard your cities, as if you lose a certain one, your armies can be crippled until you take it back.

Their research also focuses around them bringing back the glories of ancient dynasties, which allows them to recruit more units as they unearth more ancient secrets. And that’s not even getting into the Legions of Legend, the elite units that serve as the Regiments of Renown for the Tomb Kings.

Perhaps the biggest difference for Total War Warhammer veterans, however, is that the Tomb Kings are all-around better than the Vampire Counts. While they have the normal strengths and weaknesses of Undead (they don’t rout but collapse when their general is killed, among other things), they don’t spread corruption, they have more powerful magic, and most importantly, they can fight at range with archers and catapults.

The Tomb Kings will be available to play on January 23, so be on the lookout and get ready to re-conquer what’s rightfully yours.