The Chances of GTA 5 for Nintendo Switch Are Slim

A Reddit user DasVergeben recently leaked information on a social website that we might see GTA 5 for Nintendo Switch. The leak took the social media forums by the storm with several Redditors raising fingers on the credibility of the leaker.

DasVergeben is known for his video game leaks. Last time DasVergeben made a leak, it was related to Teen Mutant Ninja Turtles DLC for Injustice 2.

Chances of GTA 5 for Nintendo Switch Looking Slim

Let’s suppose if the game is releasing on Nintendo Switch, is the device even capable of handling the game?! GTA 5 alone takes 45GB of space. L.A. Noire which is already ported by Rockstar requires an external memory card for the games to be played on Nintendo Switch. So Nintendo is working on 64GB storage devices.

Some Redditors shared their thoughts on the leak ‘GTA 5 for Nintendo Switch’. On bases of DaVergeben’s post and his/her credibility, gamers have different thoughts. Some think that the rumors are true and some believe it’s a straight up false.

“GTA V on Switch (5-year-old game btw)… Who actually believes this…?” commented Doombro98.

“GTA V is the Skyrim of Rockstar. Also, they confirmed that GTA 6 would not arrive soon, so it is a logical choice to port GTA V in any console possible,” replied Skuld_Whisper

“GTA V Switch doesn’t need GTA Online,” commented StealthyFrog.

“They would never port it if it didn’t come with the online,” replied Doombro98 to StealthyFrog’s comment.

Talking about Nintendo Switch, the comfort has been exceptionally effective as far as sales are concerned and Nintendo has uncovered that the organization anticipates that they will sell more than 37 million units by April 2019.

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