ReCore Dev Working On Its Next Project, A Sequel Or A New IP?

ReCore launched back in 2016 as an Xbox One exclusive with a mixed reception, however, Microsoft has no plans to abandon ReCore and we might be getting a sequel to the game or a completely new project as ReCore dev, Armature Studios, has already started working on their next project.

According to a job listing for ReCore Dev, Armature Studios, the studio is looking for Gameplay Engineer who will work with designers to develop “Innovative Gameplay Systems” for upcoming project.

However, not many details have been revealed by the studio but we can only speculate that it might be a ReCore sequel or a new IP entirely.

However, a sequel to the game seems likely since Microsoft has noted that they will not abandon either ReCore or Quantum Break. According to Shannon Loftis, to make these IPs special, Microsoft needs to stick with them instead of abandoning them.

I think Quantum Break is a really good example of a world and a phenomenon where there’s still a lot of story that we can tell. Announcing ReCore: Definitive Edition was a little bit of a signal to people that got into the world of Far Eden and fell in love with these characters that we believe that that’s an IP with a lot of legs. I think that the key to developing these IPs into something really special and something really monumental is sticking with them.

Furthermore, Microsoft is interested in investing in new studios for its first-party titles.

According to Phil Spencer, Microsoft hasn’t invested in first-party titles as much as it should have and has seen some ups and downs.

Also, Phil Spencer has confirmed that Microsoft has signed deals for Xbox One exclusives and there is no point of showing them now as they will come out after 2-3 years.

Source: Armature