Nvidia Quadro GV100 Spotted In The Latest NVFlash Binary, Could Be Coming Out Soon

Nvidia could be putting the finishing touches on the Nvidia Quadro GV100. This upcoming professional graphics card will be based on the Nvidia Volta architecture which we are hoping will also be coming out for the gaming market sooner than later. The Nvidia Quadro GV100 was mentioned in the latest NVFlash binary and while this is only a hunch it could be coming out soon.

The Titan Xp can also be considered a professional graphics card, as Nvidia has marketed the graphics card as such that there is a clear distinction between the Titan Xp and the GTX series graphics cards. The Nvidia Quadro series still offer the wides variety of features for the professionals.

Nvidia Quadro series of graphics cards are used by companies that work on graphics design, media, animation, architecture, resource exploration, etc. Having that said we cannot tell you about any new features that the Nvidia Quadro GV100 will have or any specific numbers.

What we can tell for certain is that because it will be based on Nvidia Volta, it will have better performance as compared to the previous generation of Quadro graphics cards. We will have to see how much of a difference there will be after we get word from Nvidia or get test the graphics card so stay tuned for more information regarding the Nvidia Quadro GV100. You can check out the code below:

Nvidia Quadro GV100

It is possible that the upcoming Nvidia Quadro GV100 will feature 16 GB of HBM2 memory. Which will be more than what the Titan XP has to offer. Nvidia GeForce 390.65 drivers, this new driver update comes with the fix for Spectre as well. You can check out more information here.

Let us know what you think about the upcoming Nvidia Quadro GV100. Also, let us know if there are some special features that you would like to see in this upcoming graphics card.