Nintendo Trademarked 1080 Snowboarding, Nintendo Switch Version Speculated

Nintendo has recently registered for 1080, a classic snowboarding game released back in 1988. 1080 Snowboarding franchise did well on N64 and GameCube.

On December 18, 2017, the company applied for 1080 trademark, so with this news roaming around, we can expect 1080 Snowboarding to reboot or remaster this game for Nintendo Switch and possibly 3DS as well.

1080 Snowboarding was originally launched in 1998, since then the franchise has seen moderate success on N64 and its sequel 1080 Avalanche on the Gamecube did really well too. Both games were quite good as an arcade-style snowboarding experience.

Pixelpar, a renowned gamer shared this via Twitter.

Registering for the trademark means that we can expect switch’s virtual Console which has been on wait for some time now. Nintendo getting ready for Virtual Console for Switch means that we are certain to say original 1080 Snowboarding is working on HD graphics. We could see some of the games of the past getting modification and HD version.

No official statement has come out from Nintendo or any other official source. Although with the upcoming Nintendo Direct (which will be happening sometime soon).

It sounds like they haven’t overlooked 1080, and that is great for snowboarding lovers who have been hoping to get back on the gride. There are not many Snowboarding games so this news of getting a remake is quite good for its fans. Fans are looking forward to seeing HD version of games that they prefer playing.