New PUBG Crates Are Very Rare

To be honest the new update regarding the new cosmetic crates in PlayerUnkown’s battleground is somewhat not as promising due to their drop rate. The crates are named as Desperado and Biker and are only available on the PUBG test servers and the rarest to drop.

The developers of PUBG corp. has revealed drop rates for each of the items that are in those crates, showing that how incredibly rare they are. The rarest item in the biker crate has a 0.01% chance of dropping, the Desperado crate the one that will cost you an Early Bird key to unlock has 0.16% and 0.32% chance of dropping.

If we compare this to other games like Overwatch or Destiny 2 both offer loot boxes with cosmetic items. If we start with Overwatch’s loot boxes it contains a variety of Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary items.

Legendary are often rarest but in OverWatch there is a 7.4% chance for it to drop or one for every 14 loot boxes. Destiny 2 also covers four variety of items, Exotic is the highest rank in this game. Compared to Overwatch’s the odds of exotic are much better having a rate after every 8 to 10 loot boxes.

Coming back to PUBG the company hasn’t revealed a price for the Early Bird key that unlocks Desperado crates but it’s rumored to cost a low price of $2.5 similar to a Gamescom key. After it’s all said and done, you’d still be paying $2.5 for a single thing.

PUBG developers are more interested in selling keys and taking cut from the Steam market deals as all the prices wind up there at the end. The game is pushing players away with these acts. No other game does this and this is why these drop rates feel more like an insult here than they would in any other game with loot boxes.

What changes and improvements would you like to see for PUBG crates?

Thanks, VG247