Microsoft’s New Avatar and Career System for Xbox Live Explained

Microsoft is finally introducing the long-awaited new avatars and career system. We have recently seen that Microsoft is currently testing a new career system for the Xbox Live. This new system happens to be in its initial stage, Microsoft is encoding with different systems and codes to support its functionality.

Mike Ybarra who is the Corporate Vice President of the Xbox and Windows gaming at Microsoft teased that Microsoft is making a change in the Xbox achievement system. This new career system could probably be the next gamerscore system.

Mike Ybarra in his recent interview teased that; “Gamerscore honestly doesn’t represent the activities of e-sports players or other gamers who might spend the majority of their time in a single game. This new Xbox Career feature might improve that”.

This new career system will have players obtain levels or a ranking system will be there. Loot crates will be there with different cosmetic items for the new avatar system. There will be different objectives that one must accomplish in order to get some rewards like experience points or different crates.

With the look of this, it doesn’t seem like that the loot crates would be purchasable, but there could be a chance for this to happen in the future. This system keeps tabs on your development and plays time in the existing game library, and it gives an image that it will work in accordance with the gamerscore system rather than replacing them. While as it is being told, we continue to search for more information regarding its development.

Be that as it may, it absolutely looks just as this could be the achievement system Microsoft discussed earlier. On another note, Microsoft has just put on hold the production of specter after reports where filed of unbootable PCs.