GTA Online Update Adds a Hot New Car

Rockstar has released numerous GTA Online updates with great new content and another one has just arrived.A new GTA Online update has been released which is featuring a new flashy sports car, Lampadita Viseris, that can be purchased at the Legendary Motorsport with a price of 875,000.

This vehicle also comes with new upgrades which can be acquired by those having access to the Mobile Operations Centre (MOC) or Avenger, Aircraft Operation Center. The max speed can reach up to 146.5 mph (235.7 km/h).

Double GTA$ and RP can be acquired till Monday from the Lester Contact Missions. You can also have a 25 percent discount on different goods like Nagasaki Ultralight, Air Craft Weapons, Vehicle Armor, Headlights & Neons, Skirts, Spoilers, Suspensions, and Turbos.

Take your new car to the MOC’s or Avenger and mount up some machines guns on that bad boy and cause havoc.
On another note, the GTA online latest premium stunt race is out now by the name of Island Hopping, and this is only playable with Blazer Aqua.

The participants will receive a juicy RP prize while the top three positions holder will be awarded cash rewards. Also the Time Trial this week is Maze Bank Arena. Players who are able to beat the target time will be rewarded with GTA$ and RP.

GTA Online is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. On a related subject, GTA 6 announcement and features were discussed recently. 

We can be pretty sure that Rockstar will not be releasing GTA 6 anytime before 2021. The developer is busy with Red Dead Redemption 2 for now and plans to support the game in the years to come. GTA 6 shouldn’t be expected so soon.