Kingdom Hearts 3 to Add Marvel Characters? Release Date, Gameplay Changes, New Worlds, Everything You Need to Know

The original Kingdom Hearts was an amazing hit despite all the doubts by everyone in the industry. Those who still had doubts changed their minds after the release of Kingdom Hearts 2, which was an even bigger commercial success. Kingdom Hearts 3 might be around the corner and the game has finally managed to garner the hype that it deserves.

Today, we will tell you everything that we know about Kingdom Hearts 3 so far. The decade-long wait will definitely be worth it if the game is anything like its first two iterations of the series, so let us take a look at what to expect from the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3.

Kingdom Hearts 3 – What We Know So Far!

Kingdom Hearts utilizes characters from the Disney universe and the developers over at Square Enix finally decided to not go the Half-Life route and announce a proper sequel for the series. The developers told us that the game should be released sometime in 2018, amidst widespread excitement from fans and critics alike.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds

There has not been much official information released from the developers or the publishers, so we have had to rely on rumors and leaks to see what should the world be expecting when the game finally hits the store shelves.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date

After years of so many people wishing for this game, it is hard to imagine that we could be less than 12 months away from the actual release of the game. At the D23 Expo held by Disney, Square Enix let the fans hear what they wanted and said that the game will probably be released before the end of 2018.

The game was announced at E3 in 2013, and the news is quite surprising after the Game Director Nomura told us that the game is still in development and there is quite a long road ahead before they will be able to release the game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date and Other Details

The main reason for the delay as stated by Square Enix is that the game has made a switch to Unreal Engine 4. This is probably good as the makers of the game will now be able to utilize a much more robust and efficient engine to provide a better experience for the consumer.

On Which Platforms KH3 is Releasing?

As far as the platforms are concerned, it is confirmed that the game will be released on the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. It has been confirmed that no other platforms will be considered until the game is released on the aforementioned consoles but we would not be surprised if the game is released on the Nintendo Switch quite soon after the initial release.

Nintendo Switch has been gaining popularity and moving from strength to strength since its release which is probably why the developers will be keen to generate revenue from the Nintendo smash hit.

The Worlds

Kingdom Hearts has always been based on Disney worlds and has had characters from the same universe. The characters will probably be the same as a lot of the players have a special attachment to them and would not like to see them go.

However, there is a decent chance that the game will be open world or at least feature different worlds than the previous iterations. Nomura did state that the game will have less Disney worlds than KH2.

Kingdom Hearts 3 New Worlds

The developers plan to compensate for this by ensuring that the worlds are much larger than they were ever before. It will definitely be interesting to see how this changes the gameplay and makes the game more intriguing.

Party Composition

This was also confirmed during one of the trailers of the game, that the players will finally be able to use more than three characters in their party. Even though fans would have been happy with 4, they were ecstatic upon discovering that you will be able to have five different characters in your party with the release of this game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay Changes

As it can be expected from a game releasing after a decade, there will be a lot of new mechanics for players to try out. There will be a lot of Keyblade Transformations along with multiple different Forms such as the Guard and the Power form. There will also be new super attacks known as Attraction Flow which will be somewhat similar to the summon attacks from Final Fantasy.

The Story Ends Here

Perhaps the news that most of us will not be particularly thrilled about! It is almost confirmed that the story of the game will probably be finished and all of the plotlines will come to a close in this game. It will be very difficult to wrap up all of the stories as they are all so spread out and hard to follow but let us see if Square Enix is up to the task.

The Addition of MARVEL CHARACTERS?????

We already know that there will be a lot of old worlds returning but there is also a lot of talks which of the new worlds will be making their way into the game.

Since Disney already owns Marvel, they will be able to use their characters in whatever way they deem fit. This makes us wonder whether we will see some characters from the Star Wars universe in the game. It definitely is not out of bounds, as it will add an incredible layer of depth to the game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Marvel Characters

Fans might be conflicted on whether or not they would like to see Jabba the Hut in Kingdom Hearts 3 but the fact that the developers have not ruled out the possibility of having further worlds through DLCs means that we could very well be seeing a Marvel themed world in Kingdom Hearts 3.

That is everything we know about Kingdom Hearts 3 so far! If you have any other exciting tidbit to add, then let us know through the comments section below!