Dark Horse Books Is Publishing Dragon Age’s “Hard In Hightown”

If you’re a Dragon Age fan, then you’ve likely heard lovable dwarf rogue Varric Tethras mention his book “Hard In Hightown” at least once over the course of your playthroughs. The in-game book is apparently one of his most popular, and now real fans are getting the chance to read it.

Dark Horse Books announced that they would be releasing a physical version of the story later this year, on July 31 to be exact. Hard In Hightown tells the story of a pair of guards from the city of Kirkwall as they investigate the mysterious death of a magistrate and come across a shadowy organization known as the Executors.

While it’s not a new Dragon Age game (though Bioware’s been dropping hints about that one for a good while), a new Dragon Age book might be just what players need to tide themselves over until the next game is at least announced, plus we get to see what all the fuss is about.

Fans who played Dragon Age Inquisition could already read out a bunch of little excerpts from the book’s various chapters, but having a fully-fledged novel written out of it, especially when no Dragon Age book has been published since the book Last Flight, which told the story of the Fourth Blight, was published in 2014.

Other Dragon Age books have normally gone into various major events in the series that happened between games, such as the Orlesian Civil War from the third game (which the Inquisitor had the ability to end), the revival of the griffins (which was a plot in Last Flight), and backstory for King Maric Thierren, who helped to drive out the Orlesian Empire from the kingdom of Ferelden.

Either way, hopefully Hard In Hightown will live up to all of the hype surrounding it in the Dragon Age games, and be able to tide fans over until the next game is announced.