10nm Intel Cannon Lake CPUs Shipped To Partners Ahead Of Time?

Intel Cannon Lake CPUs have been delayed time and time again but it seems that Intel is working on delivering Intel Cannon Lake CPUs to partners before the end of the year. We recently heard a rumor that Intel Cannon Lake CPUs would be available in limited numbers and it seems that is what is going on here.

Gregory Bryant, Intel senior vice president and general manager of the company’s client computing group talked about the chips being delivered to partners at CES 2018. It is interesting to see that Intel did not take the time to reveal any details regarding the upcoming chips or what sort of boost in performance the 10nm process will provide.

Intel did say that the company was ready to start production in 2018 and if that is the case then it is possible that thee chips will be made available to the general public before the end of the year. If that is indeed the case then it is good for Intel in order for the company to compete with AMD in the CPU market.

AMD is doing pretty well in the CPU market and Intel needs to bring something new in the market in order for it to compete with AMD. New Meltdown and Spectre bugs are not helping at all and multiple cases have been filed against Intel.

If you are interested in making the shift from Intel to AMD then you can check out our article regarding why now would be the best time to do so. If you were wondering, Intel is not replacing chips that have been affected by Meltdown or Spectre and you can read more about that here.

Let us know whether or not you think 10nm Intel Cannon Lake CPUs will make it this year and whether or not these will help Intel compete with AMD.