Upcoming Xbox One Update Featuring “Do Not Disturb”

Microsoft has been working on an update to have a feature called “do not disturb”. Microsoft has officially announced that they will be adding this feature to next Xbox One update. Seems like Microsft have finally heard its fan feedback on this feature.

While playing a match or watching a movie if someone invites you to a game the screen comes down with the notification.

The update will allow the player to not be bothered by the messages, invites, and other notification. Turning this feature on will take care of the annoying invite and messages which friends love to send. PS4 already gave its user a feature “appearing offline” that performs the same task.

Xbox One to Receive ‘Don’t Disturb’ Feature

Xbox One update can also be called “quiet feature”. If a player is looking for a quiet night of gaming this feature will make your life easier. The biggest advantage of this feature will be to people who play games. Getting rid of in-game messages and notification sounds really nice.

There are more updates coming towards Xbox One user which include guide menu: The first gadget is, “Next Achievement,” provides a location to keep a heads up for upcoming achievement unlocks. The second change is to Xbox Live’s Game Hubs, to the Guide menu, with “Small Game Hubs” offering snappy features. Through this gadget, players can get knowledge of upcoming Achievements and Look for Group posts, without opening a full-screen application.

The Xbox One will automatically update the feature. Although the feature has been waited by the user for a long time but still now its here for good. Gaming community will be very pleased with the new updates.