Reimagining Of Kratos Through The Development Of God of War 4

Cory Barlog the Creative Director and Shannon Studstill the Studio Head explain the reimagining of Kratos from the God of War 4 and what led them to change him according to their vision. Cory Barlog has worked on God of War since the beginning and with him on the project, things turned out better than expected.

The franchise reimagined its main protagonist, Kratos with the new trend and keeping in mind his great history and with the vengeance that defined him gone some new motivation and concept was required to bring Kratos to the new world.

How Santa Monica Reimagined Kratos for God of War 4

We couldn’t imagine someone like Kratos working well with other but God of War PS4 has certainly changed that perception as it features him playing side by side with his son.

This type of cooperative gameplay has been in talks quite a bit with The Last of Us and Resident Evil Revelations but Kratos was the last person we expected this style to apply on.

As the God of War 3 ended, the world was in ruins and this part serves as a continuation, not a reboot so even when we have a new set of gods. This just brings the old mean Kratos to a new age of Norse mythology.

God of War 4 features some new mechanics as Kratos trades his blades for an axe with mystic powers, of course. His son will provide him support as there are things that his big brutish body can’t do.

This was a great surprise for the fans of God of War as their favorite character transitions into something new while still retaining some of his key features.

Speaking of key features, the Spartan rage is still there as the gameplay has shown us before and it looks amazing, we look forward to seeing some more insight on this new and improved game from the developers.