New Coalition IP Coming Soon, Not Gears Of War 5 Or Another Ultimate Edition

A new Coalition IP is in the making, apparently, and now that the studio is done with Gears of War for now, there’s no telling what they’ll make instead. The studio, made of former Epic Games developers, took over the Gears series after Judgment and released Gears of War 4 to good reviews.

With the confidence from making that game and making it well in spite of the various fears of Gears fans, The Coalition has decided to strike out and make an entirely new game, in order to break away from Gears of War and show that they can do other things too. Whether that’ll be another shooter, some sort of RPG, or something else, remains to be seen.

The news of the new Coalition IP comes from the website of the studio Storylab Productions, which announced that it was collaborating with the studio in the production of a new IP. However, they also have not said what it is. The studio provides things like motion capture, stunts, production crew, and payroll services.

While Gears of War has been a juggernaut Microsoft title for many years, serving as a launch title for the 360 and one of the most-anticipated games on the Xbox One, there’s no telling what the new Coalition IP will be for now. Considering what studio we’re talking about, it might be good for them to stick to the third-person shooter world, especially if they can continue making games like Gears 4.

However, considering the smash hit that came last year with Horizon Zero Dawn, which was produced by Guerrilla Games (who had previously only made the first-person shooter Killzone games), then The Coalition deciding to branch out and do something else might not be so bad.

Either way, we’ll just have to see what the new Coalition IP turns out to be when they reveal it to us later.