Japanese Box Art Reveals Monster Hunter World File Size: Only 16 Gigs

You’ll only need 16 gigs of memory to take on the entirety of the Monster Hunter World file size, at least at first. This is according to the box art on the Japanese version of the game, which included that amount on the back of the packaging down near the bottom.

While at first this doesn’t seem like much, keep in mind that there will likely be a day one update to fix any remaining bugs, not to mention the various DLC that will likely be coming along with it. And in a game like Monster Hunter where gear is an important part of play, there will likely be a lot of various gear packs and possibly new monsters being added, too.

In a time where a lot of open-world games require a lot of memory in order to download, something with the Monster Hunter World file size is probably looked favorably on, especially considering the amount of content that we’ll be getting for that 16 gigabytes of memory. With all of the monsters we’ll be hunting, weapons we’ll have access to, crafting that can be done, and more, Monster Hunter World might be the biggest one yet.

Monster Hunter World has already had two different betas on the Playstation 4, and will be having another later this month that will add in new content, including a new hunt for a creature called the Nergigante, which is the monster that’s the flagship beast for World and is also the monster on the game’s cover art.

Monster Hunter World will be releasing on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on January 26, so there’s not much longer for you to wait until you can hop onto your platform of choice and go hunting with your friends, craft new armor and dishes from the parts you get, and more. That ought to expand the Monster Hunter World file size a good bit.